Pee and Poop Pads for Dogs

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Make life easier with a new puppy or your pup who has entered the Golden Years with Wee Wee Pads from Four Paws. These pee and poop pads for dogs are SUPER absorbant and smell amazing because of them being scented with our favorite scent – Febreze Freshness. Learn more about these pee pads below.


Raise your hand if you have a puppy or older dog who either pees or poops inside their crate or somewhere in your home repeatedly? Did you raise your hand? Don’t worry; thousands (if not more) dog owners are dealing with that exact same problem.

Do you know what they do? They buy Wee Wee Pads from Four Paws. Below you’ll understand why.

Pee and Poop Pads for Dogs

The smell of dog pee and dog poop can quickly infiltrate your home. Don’t be a prisoner to your pup’s waste. Use America’s ORIGINAL trusted pads – Wee Wee.

Wee Wee eliminates orders twice as fast as other pee and poop pads. It uses layer technology, fast absorption, wetlock gel, AND a  targeted attractant. To top it all off, it’s scented with everyone favorite sent – Febreze Freshness – Spring Fresh Scent.

Poop and Pee Pad for Senior Dogs and Puppies

The Wee Wee pee and poop pads for dogs is perfect for all size pups, including senior dogs. It’s super absorbent to hold larger size bladder releases typical of older dogs.

Other Uses for Wee Wee Pads by Four Paws

Use Wee Wee pads for years! It can be used to capture fallen fur while grooming your pup. Ue it as a bathmat after your pup gets out of the bath. You can even use it as a bowl placemat to capture those little pieces of food left behind or capture any drool or water spills from the water bowl.

Make Life Easier with Pee/Poop Pads

Many dog owners ask, “Do Dogs Sleep In Their Own Poop?” While dog experts say that they don’t, most dogs do. Pee and poop pads give your pup a place to relieve him/herself without causing a major mess for you to clean up. Not only that, with Wee Wee pads, your home won’t smell so bad either.

Take advantage of the low price on these pee pads for your dog by ordering them on Amazon. Shipping is free, returns are free, and delivery is fast for Prime members.

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