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Dog Daycare Problems


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Are you having dog daycare problems or wondering what issues may come up when you put your dog in doggy daycare? If so, Dog Ownership Guide can help. Knowing what to expect when it comes to doggy daycare can help you prepare for the unexpected.

Dog Daycare Problems

The following are some of the most common dog daycare problems and how to solve them.

doggie daycare problems

Separation Anxiety

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety, and it’s one of the reasons dog owners decide to use a doggy daycare. Unfortunately, the behavior issues that arise from separation anxiety, such as aggression, don’t stop at a daycare facility.

Many dog parents give their furry friends CBD to help reduce their anxiety, especially when they go to a daycare environment. In a way, dog daycare makes the anxiety of separation anxiety worse.

The good news is that with some patience and love, dogs usually get used to the daycare environment and staff that work there. This can solve the issues that relate to separation anxiety.

An additional way to help dogs become accustomed to a daycare setting is to do half days before full ones. Staying for 4 hours, getting picked up, and repeating that for a few weeks can teach a pup that it’s not abandonment.

Aggression Towards Other Dogs

Aggressive dogs have a hard time at dog daycares. One of the benefits of doggy daycare is socialization, but when there is an aggressive dog in the mix during group play, the consequences can be devastating.

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There are two dog daycare problems at play with aggressive dogs. One is that aggressive dogs can’t get along with other dogs, which means they don’t get as much freedom. The other is that dog owners with non-aggressive dogs may get hurt or start to become aggressive to defend themselves.

The best thing dog owners can do in this situation is speak to the daycare staff about not allowing aggressive dogs to join in group play. Instead, aggressive dogs may need individual attention. Dog daycare for reactive dogs may be a good option for those who are unable to get their aggression under control.

Potty Training Difficulties

Puppies at doggy daycare may have a difficult time being housebroken because they may not be let out enough. This means that puppies may start to use the bathroom in their kennels, which can encourage that behavior at home.

Many times, puppies at doggy daycare care for much more to ensure they continue their potty training. If this doesn’t happen, speaking to the daycare staff about the importance of being let outside on a schedule can solve the dog daycare problem.

Large Group Play

Some dogs become overstimulated when they are in large playgroups. This can cause them to become overly anxious. This is especially true when small dogs are grouped with large dogs. Small dogs often get scared when large dogs are running around them.

Older dogs also have a difficult time in large groups. Young puppies and adult dogs have high energy, which can cause high anxiety for older dogs.

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If your dog does best with small groups and with dogs the same size, it’s a good idea to communicate this to staff members. The best dog daycares will accommodate dogs’ special needs so every member of the daycare facility is happy.

problems at dog daycare

Illnesses and Injuries

The most serious dog daycare problems are illnesses and injuries.

Puppies and adult dogs should have vaccinations (like kennel cough and dog flu immunizations) to prevent them from becoming ill, but it can happen despite them. Canine viruses are just like human ones. If the staff members don’t keep up with cleaning and identifying illnesses in dogs to isolate them, the vet bills can get quite costly.

Injuries due to a dog’s behavior or just rough play can also lead to expensive vet bills. Dog daycare facilities should also have people supervising playgroups to ensure all dogs remain safe.

Accidents and illnesses happen, but if they happen a lot, there’s likely a dog daycare problem. Pet owners that see this as a continuous problem should bring it up or consider switching to another daycare that may be a better fit.

Loud Noises

Daycares can be loud enough with dogs barking, but when there are other loud noises, it can be a huge problem for some dogs. If your dog becomes scared whenever there are loud noises, see if you can ask the staff members if there’s anything that can be done about them.

If not, it may be a good idea to find another dog care option. Dogs should have a good time at a doggie daycare.

Communicate Dog Daycare Problems

The best way to deal with all dog daycare problems is to communicate with the staff. A bad experience doesn’t always mean that you need to find a new daycare. A good daycare center will work to rectify the situation so that everyone is happy and healthy.

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If the doggie daycare doesn’t work to solve the problems, it may not be a good fit for you and your furry friend. That’s when you may need to find another option.

Alternatives to Doggie Daycare

If doggy daycare doesn’t seem like a good option for your pup, you may want to consider other options for dog care.

Dog Walkers

Dog walkers can come to your home throughout the day to let your dog(s) use the bathroom and play. Many dog walkers will take dogs to the dog park for extra playtime.

Dog Sitters

Dog sitters are better for long-term care. They can stay at your home to tend to your dog’s every need. Dog sitting includes the services dog walkers provide. In a way, dog sitting is like daycare but your pup receives individual attention.

When Your Dog Is The Problem at Daycare

If your dog has behavior problems, or anxiety, or struggling with potty training, you may want to consider dog training. A professional dog trainer can easily identify the cause of dog behavior and then work to resolve the root of the problem.

By solving the root of the problem, a dog’s behavior can change drastically. This can make for a much more pleasant home life AND daycare experience.

Dog Daycare Problems

Now you know what to do if you ever experience dog daycare problems. If you’ve been dealing with problem behaviors at your doggy daycare, leave a comment. Dog Ownership Guide is not only a place for information. It’s a place for dog owners to connect and receive support.

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